Experience the magic of the "Elfstedentocht" (Eleven Cities Tour)

From the 15th of September, Frisians will once again be under the spell of the Elfstedentocht, 'It giet oan'! It is sometimes hard to explain what "Elfsteden fever" does to the otherwise down-to-earth Frisians. You can now experience exactly this feeling yourself as a visitor to musical De Tocht in Leeuwarden. How great to combine this performance with a 2-day hotel package at Strandhotel Vigilante where we completely submerse you in Frisian culture? You will be welcomed with Frisian coffee with Berenburg (a Frisian spirit) and a "Frysk dumke" (a Frisian cookie) and real Frisian socks. Making you feel right at home! You can visit one of the eleven cities directly from our hotel to feel the Frisian vibe. The food voucher can be used to enjoy an early dinner at Strandhuys Makkum, so you can be at the show in Leeuwarden on time. 

About Musical 'De Tocht' 

After more than 25 years of waiting, the time has finally come! Musical 'De Tocht' brings the magic of  the "Elfstedentocht" to life in the specially built Friso Theatre with an ice floor of 2,000m2. For everyone who dreams of ever seeing another Elfstedentocht: 'It giet oan'!

Musical 'De Tocht' tells the story of suffering, perseverance and the power of friendship. Five childhood friends make a pact: "When we grow up, we will ride the Elfstedentocht together". In the winter of 2023, they keep their promise, especially now that one of the friends is carrying a secret and there is more at stake than just making the cross. With the latest theatre techniques, meteorological special effects and an immense 360° ice floor, the Elfsteden magic comes to life!

Book this package
2-day Musical de Tocht- package from € 98,00 per person.

Our 2-day Musical de Tocht package* consists of: 

1 x Overnight stay 
1 x Extensive breakfast buffet 
1x Frisian welcome in Strandhuys Makkum with Frisian coffee and a Frisian dumke 
1x Welcome gift: original 'Fryske fuotten' socks per person**
1x Food voucher worth €50,00. Free to spend at Strandhuys Makkum for an early dinner so you're on time for the show

This package is currently only bookable by phone at 0515-238222

*Please note: a ticket for Musical De Tocht is not included. Click here to order your tickets.